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Titan Poker – Room Review

Titan Poker is one of the leading poker rooms that have burst onto the scene in recent years and with that as you would expect comes all of the usual features and communities that are available through their website. Titan Poker is hailed as the best poker room in the network known as iPoker and has a genuine multi cultural feel about it and with the good software on offer as well as some of the best poker action to be found twenty four seven then this is certainly a good place to begin your quest to be the next big thing.
As is the case with quite a lot of online poker rooms now operating, Titan Poker has suspended all of their real money games in the United States due to the new U.S legislation which actually prevent credit card companies attempting to collect monies that have been placed as wagers on these websites by all U.S players.
When it comes to all the games on offer they are quite relaxed and you can find a blend of professional and casual players alike enjoying the different types of games online. They also boast a large variety of different promotions and incentives being offered each month so there is plenty to play for and with more and more people joining up to the website daily the gaming community is growing day by day.
All their peak hour games are certainly found to be a good challenge especially in the Hold Em lower stake tables of the website where even the best can be challenged. You will also find that there is a lot of traffic during European peak times but do not be put off if Hold Em is not your game as all of the other styles of poker receive the same sort of numbers so there is always someone willing to test you at another game.
In terms of the types of poker on offer you will find Five Card Stud , Seven Card Stud Hi along with Omaha and of course the ever popular Texas Hold Em.
With Titan Poker there is not just a community game playing theme as they also offer many tournaments as well as free rolls and satellites and they are all good value for money. Titan Poker has, as do a lot of online poker sites, a main event which is the hugely popular European Championship which they run with their satellites but you can also acquire big ticket packages to the live events around the world to.
The software that they provide is available in a variety of languages and the amount of traffic that the site acquires is certainly at the top of the industry with around ten thousand real money players in January 2009 for their ring games and they hold around five times that for the tournament s that they hold so Titan Poker is certainly holding is own.

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