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There is news and then there is good news. The good news today is that for the famous Online Championship of Poker, you will not have to leave your front door but instead will be able to play the whole squad outright from your living room. Commonly known as the World Championship of Online Poker, WCOOP, definitely this is the game of gentlemen wanting to play from the comfort of their own homes. Thankfully, now with improvements in software, you will hardly have to leave your sitting room. In fact, if you want to, play it while you are still in bed.

The one thing critics and supporters agree on is that this tournament is the most exciting thing to happen in the world of online gaming in the USA, considering that it is coming at a time when the online gaming in the USA is still highly restricted. Definitely, this is going to add to some of the excitement. If the 2009 event is anything to go by, then this year’s event will be even bigger considering the 2009 event attracted more than 2,000 players, all competing for a whopping $10,720,000, prize pool.

Players and fans of poker, professionals and amateurs alike agree unanimously on one thing: that WCOOP is the virtual parallel to the popular World Series of Poker, WSOP. Even though it is true that live poker is many times better than virtual poker, offering loads of excitement and fun, it is worth bearing in mind that the internet is here  to stay, and that the sooner we go online with all casino games, the better.

Scheduled to take place in September, many players are already coming out in anticipation for the event. This will be one of those popular must not miss events that will be highly publicised on the internet media as well as other news circles. If you are a player of repute and you intend to take part in the race for the jackpot, you had better login and see some of the players that you are going to be up against, irrespective of whether you play at home or in the casino.

No granite faced poker player wants to be held up at home after the dust settles on WSOP. Therefore, WCOOP will come as respite for the players who will be able to do their thing from home. It will be a thing to watch and wait for. September, here we come!

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