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Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang is the American industrialist, he is the person who has created Yahoo and one more thing he is very good poker player. He was born in China and year is 1968. His net skill value in 2008 is $2 billion (this is approximately amount). If we go as per Forbes report then around the world he is situated at 524th wealthiest people. When his father dies he was just 2 year old at that time, and then He sifted to San Jose, California with his mother and brother, but at that time his age is around 10. Then he has studied electrical engineering degree from Stanford University.

He has start creating websites with David Filo and their site is providing the directory of various websites and it famous as Jerry’s guide in the (WWW) World Wide Web. Then in year 1995 this company was replaced with new name and that name is Yahoo! And as we all know this become very famous around the world. Then both Yang and Filo get in the business potential up to edge. They also took time to put off their doctoral programs for long period.

This company starts its processes as a web portal with an addition of a web directory to provide a wide range of services and products too which used for different online activities which is one of the most important internet brands and is prepared with the highest traffic in network on the internet.

If we go with his marriage life then he married with Akiko Yamazaki and she get up in Costa Rica. She has completed her education from the same university from were Jerry has completed his engineering degree. They got an opportunity to meet in overseas program that carrying out in university in year 1992.

He started his carrier with poker from 2005 and in 2007 he got opportunity to play World Series of poker. This chance he get after settle more then $200 at various resorts and casinos in Temecula. Previous to these series of games he has come across the four cashes in the ultimate California. Cisco, Asian pacific fund, Alibaba, and Yahoo Japan these are the companies were he has been appointed on the board of directors and at the same time he also have appointed as trustee position in the Stanford University.

This man has got an opportunity to settle more than eight million dollars for winning purposes for take pleasure in these games at the same time he also get chance to making luck in the process. He is really good at poker, but he has also faced many criticisms with simplicity purpose and he had also improved himself from the points of view of his amazing enlargement. He also make sure agreement of various local laws as well as create with by a 1989 which choice by the United State congress for the reason of keeping out United State from the crime control with detection equipment or software to governmental large extension in china.

At the end he is really very great player of poker who has achieved the lots of points in the poker as well as he is really very good in business.

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