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Full Tilt Poker – Room Review

When you here of online poker rooms one that is sure to be at the top of most peoples list is the Full Tilt Poker website as it is easily one of the largest and most respected sites available on the market today. It was born in 2004 and is now one of the largest and most famous poker sites online with a their members numbers growing daily and they are always striving to build itself into the market leader and they are certainly not far from being established as the worlds best.

As well as being one of the world leaders in the industry their profile has also been lifted to new heights by the team named Team Full Tilt which is the websites main sponsored professionals and make up the majority of the owners of the site. The team consists of some of the best poker professionals to grace the game and they are Andy Bloch, Mike Matusow, Allen Cunningham, Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer.

The website uses a catch phrase which is “ Learn , Chat And Play With The Pros” and when you start to play on the site you can see that they do actually live up to the hype of the now famous catch phrase. As well as the main team you can also play against the Full Tilt pros and they can be found playing all the different tables throughout the website over a variety of stakes so you can be playing against some of the best players the game has ever seen.

If you are not a hard core poker player then do not worry as there are plenty of different types of games and table stakes to suit everyone so you can play pretty much any game along with any stakes twenty four seven.

The games that Full Tilt has on offer are Razz, Five Card Draw, Seven Card Stud, Omaha and Texas Hold Em which is the game that is at the peak of its popularity at the moment. As well as all the usual suspects Full Tilt offers a range of mixed games that include H.O.S.E and H.O.R.S.E so this makes Full Tilt one of the few sites that allow you to play such an extensive range of games on one site.

The game interface is great and provides you with superb graphics that are among the industries best and the software is very user friendly and if you are ever stuck there is always someone on hand to help you out.

In conclusion Full Tilt offers players the chance to experience all of the features of an online poker room and many more by being able to play with the pros and you can also watch some of the best online action on some of the high stakes tables with five hundred dollar / one thousand dollar no limit games where you can see some large amounts of money change hands and maybe pick up some tips.

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