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Everest Poker – Room Review

Everest Poker prides itself on the diverse range of nationalities that frequent their website to play in their poker rooms as they have one of the largest multi national followings of any poker room on the internet. They offer their software in a variety of languages and they also provide specific tournaments for specific countries so you can be sure that you are chatting to the people from the same country as you and also in your own language. With some good promotions on offer and the prospect of high end stakes you will certainly be able to win some decent cash prizes.

Everest Poker is a multi national poker room that provides software in a variety of languages which include French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Norwegian, Dutch, and Swedish and of course English which certainly gives you a large selection to choose from. All in all there are sixteen different languages to choose from so you should be able to find the right language for you.

The software that Everest Poker uses is certainly up there with the best as it provides the player with a crisp and fast online poker experience that is among the best that the internet has to offer.

The only real letdown of Everest Poker is that there is no real variety of games on offer to choose from as with other online poker sites. While most other sites give you quite a large selection Everest Poker only allows you to play the two most popular games that are in vogue at the moment and they are Texas Hold Em and Omaha but according to reports they are working on other games that will be added and these will include Seven Card Stud which will certainly help to establish Everest Poker as one of the industries leading players.

Everest Poker are one of the very few sites that made a profit from the US market after the gaming restrictions in America were introduced due to the new US gambling legislation restricting credit card companies from collecting wagers made on their cards and this was thanks largely to their multi national following.

In terms of traffic through the website as you would expect with such a large multi national following and real money games can reach numbers of around seven thousand ring players while there are around sixteen thousand players online during tournament peak hours which put it in the top half of traffic providers in the online gaming poker world.

Overall with its decent software and steady flow of traffic Everest Poker offers players a good gaming experience with the limit of just being able to play two variations of the game and the chance to talk to people all over the world Everest Poker certainly hold its own in the online poker world and with the promise of new variations being introduced this is certainly an online poker website that you should keep your eye on in the future.

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