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Dirty tricks at the table

There are ways to compensate for a lack of skill in poker, and that is to apply certain dirty tricks in order to disturb your opponents and make them lose their concentration. Which technique to use depends on where you are from, and where your opponents are from.

A Swede playing against non-Scandinavians might put a box of smelly snus on the table. The other players might then be distracted, and wonder what it is that he is putting in his mouth.

When playing against other snusers, from e.g. Norway or Finland, the Swede will have to retort to other techniques. Some of these are quite subtle. Pausing is one of these. Counting your chips at the right moment might psyche out your opponent completely. Asking the dealer questions adds to the illusion of being utterly confused.

Staring at another players is a less subtle, but sometimes very effective, way of disconcerting them. This can, however, only be performed against one player at a time. The objective is to spot changes in e.g. the size of the opponent’s pupils. This way, you might be able to see when he gets particularly good cards. Many poker players, however, wear sunglasses at tournaments like the WSOP to avoid this.

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