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Betfair poker – Room review

When you talk about the worlds largest sports exchange online you are talking about and with that Betfair Poker is one of the worlds largest online poker gaming communities in play today and is growing very quickly due to the Betfair customer base and with a quick and easy to use interface then there is no reason why Betfair cannot stay at the top of the game for many years to come. At the beginning of 2007 Betfair’s software went through a major overhaul and now you can play up to fifteen tables at once and with improved graphics this is certainly an online poker room that allows you to experience the best online gaming experience that the game has to offer.

Betfair Poker has an extremely good player base and has been well established for many years delivering solid game play and a player base that is growing faster and faster each year. With all the promotions that Betfair Poker has on offer they are sure to be a player in the markets both in Europe and the world for years to come.

The software was developed by a private firm and gives the player a good basis for solid and dependable game play as well as a fully functioning player menu and also with the latest update you can even control up to fifteen tables at the same time so you certainly have the scope to win and win big.

The game interface is very commendable and with some good player features and an additional buddy program that allows you to keep an eye on your statistics on every hand that you play on the site and you can then analyse your game so you can see which areas need to be improved on and which areas you are excelling in at the time.
The variations of games is quite limited on Betfair Poker so that is a slight draw back but you still have all the great loose games and a variety of table stakes to choose from but there is also something that is unique to Betfair Poker and that is the Threedom Pass Tournament where players have the chance to win free buy ins to some of the larger live tournaments and they can even choose which tournaments and not only do they get free entry for one year they get it for three years , something which is unheard of in the online poker world.

All in all Betfair is certainly one of the market leaders in the business their traffic numbers are surprisingly average for such a large company but that might have something to do with the fact that they do not allow American players but with numbers ranging from one thousand players up to four thousand players during their peak playing hours then there is sure to be some decent competition for you to try your hand at. Betfair Poker is on the rise and will do so for many more years to come.

Since Betfairs move to Ongame we recommend Sportsbook.

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