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Dirty Online Poker

Welcome to 1337 Poker, you have just come to the best poker source of information and there is no need for you to look further. 1337 Poker is a poker site just for you really elite guys, sure we do have a poker school for newbies but that is mostly to make money anyway, we don’t care for them much.

1337 Poker is more about doing all that 1337 stuff, you know what I mean, pwning people. We are gathering all the news on all that and you can be sure to get more out of 1337 poker than out of any other site.

1337 Poker

We have a bunch of interesting stuff here at 1337 Poker and we wanted to introduce the sections. To start with there is the Facebook and Twitter connections to the right, hook up and chat away a bit with us. The other part is the top list to the left, this is the poker rooms we have reviewed. We sorted out the ten best and give them to you with the overall score.

The Poker Rooms

We have put some serious effort in reviewing poker rooms. Most other sites suck at this and they do it more or less only to make money from you (and you know it). We have done some proper reviews of the rooms and that is a lot better.

The Poker Players

We have a fantastic poker player gallery. If you are playing some n00b at Full Tilt or whereever and he seems to be beating the crap out of you. Maybe it’s someone you should know? Check out our Poker Player Gallery and see if you find him.

The Poker Deals

You know it, we know it, poker online is not only about beating the opponent, it’s about having a great bonus when you do it. If you have a better rakeback than anybody else you make more money than everybody else. The 1337 player makes sure to have the best god damned bonus there is.

For the n00bs

If you aren’t a bloody n00b this is where you stop reading, it’s just the normal poker site crap for the non skilled.

For most poker players they find it very hard to select which poker room would be the best for them. On this site you will get to read several poker room reviews and we have included some of the best online poker rooms available for example FULL TILT POKER, PACIFIC POKER, ABSOLUTE POKER, BETFAIR POKER, CARBON POKER and also include many more. The poker room reviews will enable you to easily select a poker room that is best suitable for you. The other advantage you will get is that the poker rooms we have listed are amongst some of the best poker rooms available online.
We have also provided you with a great list of some of the well know poker professional’s profiles and we are certainly assured that you will get a thrill of excitement whilst going through the profiles such that you would want to know more. In our poker player profiles list you will get to read profiles of the well known poker professionals with the likes of Chris Ferguson, Anna Wroblewski, Annette Obrestad, Daniel Negreanu, Gus Hansen, Howard lederer, Doyle Brunson and many more.

If you are a new poker player then you do not have to worry at all because we will provide you with all the materials on how to play poker and also to include the basic rules of various games. You will get to know how to play some of the most popular poker games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha hi-lo, no limit Hold’em, 5 card draw and seven stud.